Koerner – Last Papers in Linguistic Historiography

Ernst Frideryk Konrad Koerner, Last Papers in Linguistic Historiography, Amsterdam, Benjamins («Studies in the History of the Language Sciences», 128), 2020, 214 pages, ISBN 978-9-02720-736-4, € 105
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/sihols.128
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This volume brings together — in 8 chapters — what has occupied the author during his many years as editor of Historiographia Linguistica. Namely, how the history of linguistics has developed into a major field of scholarly research, and that the discussion of questions of method and epistemology needs to be continued to avoid stereotypical practice. The author takes up a number of subjects that often had been regarded as settled, but which require a revisit. This is shown in several chapters, whether it appears subjects like ‘analogy’ or the relationships between well-known linguists like Saussure, Hermann Paul, and others.