The Cambridge History of Linguistics – ed. L.R. Waugh, M. Monville-Burston, J.E. Joseph

The Cambridge History of Linguistics, edited by Linda R. Waugh, Monique Monville-Burston, John E. Joseph. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2023, 900 p. ISBN 9780511842788, 145,89 €
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The establishment of language as a focus of study took place over many centuries, and reflection on its nature emerged in relation to very different social and cultural practices. Written by a team of leading scholars, this volume provides an authoritative, chronological account of the history of the study of language from ancient times to the end of the 20th century (i.e., ‘recent history’, when modern linguistics greatly expanded). Comprised of 29 chapters, it is split into 3 parts, each with an introduction covering the larger context of interest in language, especially the different philosophical, religious, and/or political concerns and socio-cultural practices of the times. At the end of the volume, there is a combined list of all references cited and a comprehensive index of topics, languages, major figures, etc. Comprehensive in its scope, it is an essential reference for researchers, teachers and students alike in linguistics and related disciplines.

Linda R. Waugh is Professor Emerita at the University of Arizona and Cornell University. Her research interests include discourse analysis, history of linguistics, semiotics, and French linguistics. Notable publications include The Sound Shape of Language (1979, 1987, with Roman Jakobson), On Language (1990, edited with M. Monville-Burston), and Critical Discourse Analysis (2020, with Catalano).
Monique Monville-Burston is Professor and Honorary Research Fellow at the Language Center, Cyprus University of Technology. Her research interests include L2 acquisition (French), Tense/Mood/Aspect, discourse analysis, and the history of linguistics. Notable publications include On Language (1990, edited with L. Waugh) and La Marque en lexicographie (2011, with Baider and Lamprou).
John E. Joseph is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked extensively in the history of linguistics, and his books in this area include Limiting the Arbitrary (2000), From Whitney to Chomsky (2002), Saussure (2012), and Language, Mind and Body (2018). He has served in many capacities, including as president of the Cercle Ferdinand de Saussure.

Part I – Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Periods (featuring « History of Linguistic Analysis in the Sanskrit Tradition in Premodern India, with a Brief Discussion of Vernacular Grammars », by Madhav M. Deshpande, p. 77-101);
Part II – Renaissance to Late Nineteenth Century;
Part III – Late Nineteenth-through Twentieth-Century Linguistics (featuring « Structuralism in Europe », by Daniele Gambarara, Emanuele Fadda, Lorenzo Cigana, Patrick Sériot, p. 467-495).